What is the best time for a shopping spree? Now!

During August you have a great chance to delight yourself or your close ones with a watch, perfume, handbag or a hair product at unbelievably low prices! Our clearance offers brands such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Festina, Dolce & Gabbana, Gant, Guess, Hugo Boss, Wella, L'Oréal Paris, Matrix, Schwarzkopf, Kérastase and many more! Be quick, there are only a few last pieces of each product. Do not hesitate with the order!

What are you going to get yourself?



TOTAL CLEARANCE first hit our shelves with watches. In our e-shop, you can now find more than 1 000 models at bargain prices! We have lowered the prices for watches from 25 world-renowned companies whose prestige, style and high-quality work ensures that you will love your new watch indefinitely.

First of all, you can enjoy Japanese watches Casio whose selected models you can get with a unique 76% discount! Did you know that the first invention of this company was the so-called "Yubiwa pipe" - a ring serving as a cigarette holder enabling smokers to handle multiple activities at once? If we disregard the moral aspects, this idea was definitely brilliant. It was followed by the boom of Casio electric calculators and after those came even greater success in the music industry - who has not heard of their popular electrical keys? It was not until the 1980s that they introduced their analogue and digital watches, which were the first in the world to display time in several time zones, temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude, and also functioned as GPS. These and other features remain the most sought-after today, and their G-Shock collection is always on the forefront of saleability, both here and around the world.

Festina's watches, the second most wanted and most prestigious among people, became familiar to the whole society, when the so-called quartz movements (electronic), not mechanical, started to be used in them. Since then you could have seen them on wrists all over the world. Whether you are looking for a luxury watch to go out to the world with or a multifunctional chronograph to monitor your sporting performances, they will faithfully serve you in all areas and attract new, exciting opportunities. Not only fans of cycling should focus on the Chrono Bike collection, which is supplemented every year with new models inspired by the famous Tour de France. Festina also provides the exact timing of this event.

If we look away from watches, all his designer companions are currently left behind by Michael Kors. His everyday yet luxurious models are loved by women all over the world. At our e-shop, you will also find his quality leather handbags, which have become the focus of attention of all fashion experts. We admit that if you want such a handbag, you have to equip yourself with a really big (and full) piggy bank. But do not despair! Even with a limited budget, you can be stylish... Just put on a Michael Kors watch and your dressing style will immediately shift to the fashion heaven. Now you have the opportunity to buy luxurious ladies' and men's watches by Michael Kors with an incredible 74% discount!

And what other fashion watches can you now buy at unbeatably low prices? Hugo Boss, Citizen, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Esprit, Gant, Guess, JOOP!, Marc Ecko and many others! We believe that we will delight each and every one of you... We keep our fingers crossed for you so that you are faster than the rest and can soon enjoy your new luxury watches at the smallest possible price...

In addition to the well-known brands, you can choose from goods of lesser-known, yet not less quality manufacturers, whose best qualities are guaranteed by the "Swiss made" sticker. These include, for example, Alfex (Swiss watches produced since 1948, appreciated for its extravagant design and hypoallergenic materials), Breil Milano (on the market since 1939 with Italian charm and quality Swiss machines) or Flik Flak (specialising in children's watches with a textile strap that not only look amazing, but all mums will surely appreciate their easy maintenance - as soon as they seem too dirty, simply put them in a sock, add them to your laundry at 40 ° C and they will shine like brand new). We currently sell a model perfect for your little Superman. Do not hesitate, just a few pieces left!





As part of our TOTAL CLEARANCE, we are also trying to find home for a great deal of perfumes which no one has chosen yet. And that's a big shame! Most of them boast world-famous names such as Diesel, DKNY, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Versace or Yves Saint Laurent. The only reason why they are still occupying the shelves in our warehouse is that every minute the perfume market presents a new scent which then overshadows its older, but no less fragrant companion. In some cases, we have the last few pieces which have asked for a better price.

First of all, we have discounted a range of men's perfumes, which will of course attract you by their scent, but also by their original bottle and famous name. For example, John Varvatos Artisan Acqua EDT meets all the parameters. Its head contains fresh aroma of mandarin and pomelo balanced out by the dense resin tone. The heart, on the other hand, plays with the aphrodisiac basil supplemented with the coriander-flower effect of jasmine, lavender and sage. What makes the base, you can find out yourself at our e-shop. Her creator, John Varvatos, is an American with Greek roots and one of the best men's fashion designers in the world. Among other things, he has been cooperating with the world-famous brand Converse since 2001 and their sneakers are just his work... If we stay in the US for a while, we have to mention Ralph Lauren (in the 60's breaking through with his Polo - New York boutique with elegant sportswear). If you are attracted by the smell of freshly baked croissants more than burgers or gyros, enjoy the discounted perfumes of the French fashion gurus - René Lacoste (sporty brand scoring first on the tennis courts which you can recognise by its cheerful green crocodile) or Christian Lacroix (a peculiar fan of baroque and noticeable motives, currently cooperating with the unconventional Spanish brand Desigual).

Ladies can reward themselves for everyday care for their loved ones by a luxurious ladies' perfume at a great price. You will feel like a goddess after a fragrant touch of cult figures such as Christian Dior (one of the breakthrough fashion designers whose most famous and most popular scent - J'adore - is also featured in our clearance offer), Estée Lauder (the only woman who the Time magazine listed in 1998 among the 20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th century), Coco Chanel (a peculiar French dictating fashion trends of modern women from the mid-20th century to the present - through her followers) or Narciso Rodriguez (starting with Calvin Klein and in 2008 dressing the previous US president's wife - Michelle Obama) and many others.Let's repeat it: Now we are selling some perfumes of all the above mentioned brands and many others, so do not hesitate and catch your "big fish". You know - first come first served.


You will not find Italian fashion handbags Brastini in the list of world designer workshops. Yet their origin cannot be denied! All of them are made of leather which gives them a nice scent (their eco-competitors cannot compare). If you prefer a larger-sized bag that absorbs everything you cannot do without during the day, you now have a unique opportunity to get it but not ruin your budget...

The La Laura collection will inspire all practical women who enjoy a simpler style - no gleaming buckles or other meaningless fittings. The result is a spacious and well organized shoulder bag in black, chocolate, natural brown, dark blue, beige, ice creamy and white. The inner pocket contains 3 pockets on the sides: a smaller open one (ideal for safe storage of your mobile phone yet keeping it at your fingertips), a slightly larger zipped pocket on the other side (for the secret things you do not want to get out in the street) and one big cloth pocket across the width and height of the handbag (genially dividing the main interior into 2 smaller ones). Once you get used to this handbag, it will never part with your hand!

If the world feels better with a chic handbag in your hand, focus on the La Chiara collection. Its interior is divided in much the same way as in the La Laura handbags, but its outer structure varies considerably. The smaller, stronger and smoother body is decorated with only a few metallic elements that make these beauties a little more exquisite than other models of this Italian family. We also greatly appreciate the detachable shoulder strap and metal "legs" on the underside to ensure its cleanliness and long service life, even if you have to put it on the floor. Available in black, dark gray, dark brown, chocolate, natural brown, dark blue, red, cream and white.

Our offer includes four other collections of Brastini women's handbags: animal La Francesca, distinctive La Sara, charming La Giulia and confident La Valentina. All made of genuine leather, ready to become a part of you. Are you ready, too?



Summer can be a demanding time for your hair. Have you noticed? If so, maybe you should do something about it before people around notice too... Hair is a reliable indicator of your overall health. And just as we do not boast our age (which can really upset us, even though, according to our biological age, we are unruly teenage girls), we do not even need to show our health card to everyone. Now you can afford a professional restart for your hair at a fraction of the normal sales price. So spare us the excuses!

We have prepared loads of products from the high quality hairdresser brands that your hairdresser probably owns and uses and you can now, too: Wella, Kérastase, L'Oréal Profesionnel, Matrix, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell, label.m and Alterna. To describe everything we admire on each of them, we might have to publish a book. Believe us when we say that each of them has something to offer you. For the moment, we will introduce two of them, probably the most famous.

The German company Wella Professionals has been operating on the market for the longest (since 1880). At first, it worked on the production of the tulles (the basis for the production of wigs) - they are the nets to which the hair itself is attached. As wigs and hairpieces came out of fashion, Wella turned its attention to natural hair, and in 1927 it began to supply hairdressing salons with its patented curling iron for creation of truly gigantic waves, followed by the first hair dryer. In the 1950s, they fully focused on hair cosmetics and their protective and nourishing hair balm was promoted by the Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor herself. Their current largest privileges include the so-called ME+ molecule, replacement for PPD (a component present in almost all hair dyes, causing frequent allergic reactions). Wella Koleston Perfect Innosense products are the first in the world to be approved by the European Center for Allergy Research.

The famous French L'Oréal Professionnel entered the company register somewhat later (1909), but today it boasts the title "the largest beauty company in the world". Its portfolio is really wide: hair care, hair dyes, skin care (+ sunscreen), makeup, perfumes... It works in dermatology, toxicology, tissue engineering, biopharmaceutical research and is the largest holder of nanotechnology patents in the US. Lots of strange words, right? Let's move on to something clearer. L'Oréal Professionnel does not represent only quality cosmetics, it also contributes to a better life for people (named the best European employer in 2008, awards the L'Oréal-UNESCO prize to female researchers contributing to scientific progress, financially supports science, culture and young scientists, runs the "Look Good...Feel Better" campaign to help women with cancer deal with the visible signs of treatment, etc.). If you buy any product of this brand, you can be sure that you will give your hair the best and also indirectly support a lot of commendable projects.