Magic Easter

Watches of all shapes and colours! Spring months require colours! Don't be afraid of new things! Now is just the time!


The time of weddings, trips and warm spring days has finally come. Treat yourself with something simple, get a gift for happy newly-weds or simply get a gift for someone you love.


Explore all possibilities


Pick from a wide range of branded products. Have you ever wanted a watch made by famous watchmakers, branded perfume or a unique piece of jewellery? How about a little bonus? You can look forward to free shipping and a little extra gift!



Which watch is the one? Which is the one to enlighten you the most during warm spring months, which will be better than any easter egg? Whether it's brought to you by an easterbunny, postman or courier - you definitely have something to look forward to! You can choose from various gentle women's watch or manly men's watch.


Gentlemen's Club

To classic loving gentlemen, we would like to recommend Festina Chronograph or Festina Retro watch. Also,pieces you might find truely eye-catching are watches made by famous Michael Kors.

Are you the sport-loving type who cannot wait to finally ride the mountain bike in the hills? Take a look at the Casio G-Shock watches, which can survive almost anything. For regular bikers, we have Festina Chrono Bike.

Something for the ladies..

Every elegant woman will surely admire glamour looking Fossil women's watch. To sporty ladies we recommend Casio Baby-G, that are no different from Men's Casio G-Shock.

Color palette

In this time of colour and optimism - why not to buy something colorful and optimistically looking? Ladies, who like to spend time outdoors, should definitely try Casio Sports and Casio Collection. You can find many colourful possibilities among them, what more, in beatiful spring shades!

Enlighten yourself with cheery colours, bringing new energy into your daily life. Winter is finally over!


Which scents of spring are the best? The answer is simple. This years trending are perfumes with citrus and a slight flowery touch. Good choice of perfume will lift your mood already after the first smell. Pick one of your favorite women's or men's perdumes and if you desire to try something new, to truely know quality you've so far only dreamed of, try one of our Niche perfumes. Those are truely astonishing.


Happy Easter!

And good luck with picking the right watch and perfumes as well...