Tommy Hilfiger: Change your world

One of the top American clothing brands, Tommy Hilfiger, was established in 1985. The man behind it all was no one else than a famous fashion designer, Tommy Jacob Hilfiger. He'd been keen on jeans since he was a teenager and getting on top wasn't an easy path for him. His parents wanted him to get a college degree and live an average life. he did quite the opposite when his first company went bankrupt. As you can probably guess, that didn't stop him, he actually learned from his mistakes and gave it a second try, this time a successful one. Today, he's one of the most recognized fashion designers worldwide, so his persistence probably paid off.

Along with clothing, the brand also produces Watches and Perfumes, that shouldn't remain unnoticed.

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Tommy Hilfiger women's watch


Explore the world of Tommy Hilfiger women's watch. The watch suitable for every occasion, with smart yet stylish design, keeping your outfit classy and simple, because simplicity is the glory of expression. Try classic proven by time, find yourself an astonishing piece with fine decorations shaping out the case. Very stylish, sensible and gentle flower design catches your sight almost immediately, just like many other pieces of his making.

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Tommy Hilfiger men's watch


How to describe men's watch by Tommy Hilfiger? Authentic, innovative, decent and fashionable! You'll get attached quite easily, not only because of their quality but for their elegance as well. They aren't trying to be something they're not. They don't need to be over-extravagant, nor eye-catching. They are what they always were. Modern, classic or sporty. Meant for everyday use or special occasions, but most importantly - they'll make you feel comfortable. They become a part of your everyday life, a part of your wrist, your beloved companion.

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Tommy Hilfiger jewellery


Originality, beauty and simplicity is something that will please you at Tommy Hilfiger jewellery. Choose from several unique wristbands, earrings and charms. Both men and women will surely find something of their liking.

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Tommy Hilfiger fragrances


Gentle, rational, individual - that's what are Tommy Hilfiger frangrances like. Both Men's and Women's signalize freedom and freshness after first

Don't be afraid to treat yourself and get some fresh american style.