Diesel: Taste of success




The Italian fashion brand Diesel was founded in 1978 in northern Italy under the creative influence of Renzo Rosso, whose name sounds just as striking as the name of the company. Diesel, the most popular European jeans designer, targets primarily the younger generation (Millenials). But apart from clothing and shoes, Diesel is also a producer of perfumes, sunglasses, watches, briefcases and high-quality cosmetics.

Don´t hesitate to find out for yourself. You won´t be disappointed.

Diesel Watch

Magnificent, multifunctional, innovative, creative, futuristic, perfectly crafted, affordable and stunning - all these are synonyms for Diesel watches. Although they don´t have a long history in the world of watchmaking, it doesn´t have any negative impact when it comes to either quality nor remarkability. This is the trend-setting watch, which makes your inner-self stronger and gives you enough courage to overcome obstacles easily. With this watch, you won't be afraid to stand out of the crowd, because now, you'll lead the crowd.

Diesel watches are known for their boldness and strength. They are brave, unconventional and easy to remember. Usually you will come across analog ones with distinctive dial, but you can also find digital ones with slightly old-fashioned touch. Straps are made of both stainless steel or genuine leather in different colours.


Diesel Fragrances

Men's Diesel fragrances come with confidence and freedom, women's on the other hand with romance and feminine energy. Herbal, wooden and oriental scents with an unforgettable aroma. Soft, yet full of challenges and desire for adventure. A perfect remedy for a tired mind and spirit will surprisingly inspire you.



What are you waiting for? Are you thriving for a new experience, happy surprises, and major change? Then you need a perfume as a guide for your unknown path. And if not you, maybe someone close to you would appreciate a gift like that, as a sign of support and trust.

Live your life to the fullest and don´t be afraid to shine!​​​​​​​